Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In spring with Spring ...

Today I'm going to talk a little bit about Spring. Unfortunately, I didn't use heavily this great framework so far. And that's my fault. Spring is definitely worth to learn and use. Beforehand I would like to recommend an excellent book Pro Spring 2.5 which gave me good start in using Spring.

So, why Spring? Over the years I've been developing software pursuing the same principles: good and clever design, simplicity (keep it simple but not simpler), and easy configuration. In our object-oriented programming era it's all about objects. How simple are relations (dependencies) between objects, how loosely coupled are modules/subsystems/objects, how painful is deployment? And are you able to cover with unit tests each piece of critical functionality (you definitely must do that)?

Spring definitely helps with solving all those issues. Its core is dependency injection container which allows to inject dependencies in declarative manner (either in XML configuration or using Java 5 annotations). And a bunch of additional modules provides everything you need from AOP to JUnit support in order to develop high-quality JEE applications.

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